Crantock Biathlon, Newquay Biathlon 2016

The Crantock Biathlon is one of three events, operating together  under the banner of the Newquay Triple Crown. Crantock Biathlon Newquay Biathlon

The three events in this series in 2016 are:

  • Crantock Biathlon
  • Newquay Swim Run
  • Newquay Surf Triathlon 2016

Crantock Biathlon 2016

The Crantock Biathlon date is Sunday 19 June 2016, from 2.30 to 6.30pm.

Location: Crantock Beach, Crantock, Cornwall, TR8 5SE

There are a choice of events to enter, with some age divisions.

  • Open Event: Swim 1500m, Run 5000m
  • Junior 12-15 years Event: Swim 800m, Run 2500m
  • Junior 8-11 years Event: Swim 400m, Run 2000m
  • Junior Biathlon 8-11 years: Swim 200m, Run 1000m
  • Junior Biathlon 12-15 years: Swim 400m, Run 2000m
  • Swim Only

The swim is up and down the Gannel Estuary, followed by a run across the soft sand of Crantock Beach, over the dunes and around the West Pentire Headland. The finish line is on Crantock Beach.

Prices: £10 to £25.

Distances may vary depending upon conditions on the day.

Newquay Swim Run 2016

The Newquay Swim Run date is Saturday 23 July 2016.

  • Open Event, 16+: Total Swim 1500m over 4 legs, Total Run 6000m over 5 legs
  • Junior Event, 12-15 years: Total Swim 400m over 2 legs, Total Run 3000m over 3 legs

There are five classes: Open Mens, Open Ladies, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Open Relay Team.

There are multiple swim and run stages around Newquay Bay and the Barrowfields ancient burial grounds on Henver Road. The route is a run from Towan Beach to Newquay Harbour, then a swim out to sea and around a mark before returning to the beach. There’s a short run on the beach then a second swim out and back.  Finally, a longer 2.5km run goes across the beach, up to Barrowfields, looping back to the start, then a second lap and the finish line is at Towan Beach.  The youth Swim Run event is just 1 lap of the course and only on the beach.

Prices: £10-25

Newquay Surf Triathlon 2016

The Newquay Surf Triathlon date is Sunday 18 September 2016.

  • Open Event: Swim 1500m, Bike 40Km, Run 10Km
  • Junior Event (Aquathlon): Swim 400m, Run 2000m

Starting with a surf swim into Newquay Bay and returning for a transition behind the beach. The 40km bike route loops through the Cornish countryside, then a 10km run takes you to the finish line.

This event marks the end of The Newquay Triple Crown Series, when one overall champion will be declared.

Prices: £25-50.


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