Elizabeth Ould, Newquay, 1826-1927

Elizabeth Ould is one of Newquay, and Cornwall’s, centenarians. Elizabeth Ould was born in Newquay on 21 March 1826, in Vine Cottage, which is still standing and is part of the Trenance Cottages at Newquay. Trenance Cottages have recently been preserved and are open to the public at times throughout the year as a visitor attraction.

Elizabeth Ould had her 100th birthday party at home, surrounded by friends. Newquay Post Office stayed open that Sunday morning just to wait for her telegram to arrive from the King and Queen.
She was Newquay’s oldest inhabitant at the time.

Elizabeth Ould died in Newquay, on 28 July 1927, aged 101.

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Elizabeth Ould was born Elizabeth Stephens – who knows, you might discover you’re related! Elizabeth was christened on 16 April 1826, at St Columba Church, St Column Minor, daughter of John and Jane Stevens. Her father was a butcher (Source: FreeREG)

Trenance Cottages has researched the full family history of the former residents of Trenance, Newquay – so it’s worth finding out when they’re open, or getting in touch with the Friends of Trenance Cottages.

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