Hollyoaks Filmed in Newquay 1997

In 1997 Hollyoaks filmed in Newquay when the gang went to Newquay for a holiday. It was filmed on location. During the holiday Tony Hutchinson came to Newquay with the gang and slept with Carol Groves.

The house used to film their accommodation was 6 Edgcumbe Gardens, Newquay. A detached house that was owned, at the time, by a different owner to today (so don’t go knocking on the door!). The house was, and is, a residential building, last sold in 1999.

I know this as my parents were living over the road at the time, so had front row seats for any activity there, with the crews arriving/leaving.  They had no idea what Hollyoaks was, as they didn’t watch it, but they knew the filming was for Hollyoaks as they kept telling me that week!

Many people rent their houses out as filming locations, it’s disruptive as you have to move out for a few days, but can be worthwhile financially.

Hollyoaks was also filmed on Fistral Beach.

Newquay is used for filming a lot of TV programmes as well as films – and many celebs just go surfing, or drinking in the town. It’s great for celeb spotting.



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