Homes Under the Hammer in Illogan

Three years ago, a plot of land was sold and shown on the TV programme Homes Under the Hammer, with the programme being aired in 2011, after a year long build. The plot of land in the village of Illogan, near to Portreath and Redruth, had planning permission for a 4-bed house. Homes Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts went to look – the programme’s just been aired again, so did it sell?

If you’re wondering how that went, read on:

I originally watched the programme, which was episode 121 of series 14, and noted it on this site in May 2011, when the original programme was aired, you can see that entry here: Illogan, Cornwall, Building Plot for Sale.
Homes Under the Hammer, Illogan, Cornwall, TR16 4SA
But now, looking back, two years on the programme’s just been aired again, so, did it sell?

Well, it doesn’t look like it sold. The Land Registry records aren’t always 100% correct, or up to date and there are omissions. If the house were sold to a company, which might be a BTL landlord, it might not show up, for example and some probate sales and repossessions don’t get listed either.

Last known listing dates were that it went on the market at £184,950 in August/September 2011, then again in July 2013. It’s not currently listed on the major houses for sale websites though. TR16 4SA

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