Is Newquay Flooded? Are there Floods in Newquay?

It seems since yesterday that’s all I’ve been asked. Awoken early by a telephone call, then texts – in online forums people had noticed me missing and were ‘wondering’.

Well, no. Newquay is not flooded. There are no floods in Newquay.

The flooding in Cornwall of yesterday was mostly on the south coast, around St Austell, Par, St Blazey, Lostwithiel. Newquay is on the north coast and is COMPLETELY FREE OF FLOODS.

Yes it rained that night, it rained hard, but the flood-hit areas of Cornwall were hit by their geography – small towns built alongside rivers, with a funnel-like shape.

So, there is no flooding in Newquay, Newquay is not flooded – so if you’re wondering if it’s “safe” to come here, if we’re all still here – then YES. Newquay is completely unaffected.

** ARCHIVED 2010 **

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