New Asda at Newquay Absolutely Mobbed – Oh – and Free Parking!

Just got back from Asda, I thought I’d have missed the rush. Ye Olde Co-Op used to have about 6 people in the whole shop when it was busy 🙂

So, what’s it like then? Well, today – as Asda opens in Newquay today – it was bunged. A small queue to get into the car park – but the machine’s broken so the parking was free.

So that’s WIN 1.

Next, the trolleys – lovely smooth trolleys. They’re new so they don’t have a preferred direction in which to travel – you push them forwards and that’s where they go, not sideways like some.

So that’s WIN 2.

Food … glorious food. Fabulous stuff, all at good prices. The handy sandwich display is right inside the door, perfect if you’re trying to grab a quick lunch. The rear section now has a bakery and there are a lot of ready made pizzas on display – although no Spicy Chicken or Spicy Chilly Beef ones, so that was a FAIL 1.

Couldn’t really see the wood for the trees though – it was like everybody in the town was out for a shuffle round 🙂

Staff were still smiling 🙂

They’ve got about six manned tills – and at the far end of the row there are about four self-service tills…. I kind of failed there though, but was helped out. Great. Self-service is fine once you’ve done it a few times, it’s worth the practice!

Asda in Newquay is shinier, brighter, better stocked, with a larger and better range of food than the Co-Op ever was.

Overall score: 11/10.

Oh – and staff at Asda!! I loved the fact you guys noticed me and helped me. So 12/10 for customer service all round.

Asda will be giving Sainsbury’s and Morrisons a run for their money now.

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