New Year’s Day Dip, Newquay Harbour 2011

Every year, at Newquay Harbour, on New Year’s Day, there’s a New Year’s Day Dip. In years gone by I’ve even participated – and came away with a box of chocs 🙂 Newquay Events: New Year's Day Dip

But boy it’s cold! The year I did it, there was ice on the sand and I was shoeless!

The New Year’s Day Dip is for the RNLI charity – and is usually started by the Mayor of Newquay. If you’re one of the mad fools to rush into the water, then you can get dressed/dried again in the RNLI afterwards, along with a warming cup of coffee.

The New Year’s Day Dip starts at different times each year, tides depending – it’s at Newquay Harbour

See the events calendar!

So keep your eyes posted, or, if you know when it is, let me know!

2016: New Year’s Day Dip

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