Newquay Chip Shops Were All Closed

So I found myself, on a Saturday night at 9pm really fancying some fish and chips, so I took the car out to hunt for some Newquay chip shops …. but they were all closed!

Come on guys, 9pm on a Saturday night – and not a chip in sight. Now, I’ll admit to not trying them all, but that’s because two weeks ago during daylight hours I’d already checked Mount Wise, Truscotts chip shop and the Harbour chippy and found them closed…. so tonight I went to Station Approach (closed), Cod End chip shop next to Aldi (closed), Flounders (closed) and finally off to Chester Road chip shop… which was … closed.

So I figure that means that on a Saturday night just after 9pm I can’t find any chip shops open in Newquay. Not a good show.

**February 2011**
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