Newquay Gets Ready for Fireworks!

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As the 5th is on a Friday in 2010 both of Newquay’s main firework displays are on at the same time on the same night, this means that if you choose to go out this year you have a choice of the following.Beach Fireworks Display

This year as always the Mermaid Inn on Porth Beach will be holding their bonfire and fireworks display, which is always well attended not only because the display is always good but also because of the location.

Watching the fireworks launch from the beach and then light up the cliffs and the sea behind them is a fantastic sight and no matter how old you are it is still a magical experience. The fact that this event is also totally free to view is fantastic and means that you can treat yourself to a nice warming drink from the pub or sample some of the fantastic hot food that they put on barbecue style by the outside seating area.

The bonfire will be lit at 6pm with the Barbecue serving food from this time, the fireworks will follow later in the evening, this is usually around 7.30 but can vary greatly.

In the last few years Newquay Sports Centre have also started to put on a display and this year they will have food and refreshments available from 5.30pm and the firework display will be at 6.30pm. It costs £2 entry for adults including a warm drink and £1 for children 5-16 which includes a free flashy toy (taking into account the usual prices of warm drinks and the obligatory flashy toy for the kids it’s basically a free display!). The fact that the fireworks here start at 6.30pm means that any big firework fans wanting to make the most of the night could watch the display here and then drive to the Mermaid in time to catch the display there. At least you would already have had a warm drink and the kids can make the most of their flashing toy!

For anyone who would rather stay at home and put on their own mini display it is no longer a trip to the local newsagents to pick up a box of fireworks, but never fear as we have a great range of supermarkets Newquay is a great place to arrange your own display.

Aldi and Lidl both offer fireworks at particularly good prices, they only tend to have 2 or 3 different types but a big pack of rockets at a good price always seems a good idea to finish your display. Morrisons have a large range of fireworks and sparklers and have lots of promotions on that tend to get better the nearer you get to the big day, the problem is it can be like buying stocks in that if you wait for the lowest price they sell out so you need to find a balance!

Sainsburys Newquay also have fireworks but are a little more expensive than the others, they may be better quality possibly but considering what you use fireworks for I always think cheaper is better providing they have the safety standard mark on them of course.

** Archived October 2010 **

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