Newquay RNLI Goes Green

Newquay RNLI is to lead the way trialling a new environmentally friendly lifeboat. In conjunction with AFJ Energy Development, Newquay RNLI volunteers are working to develop an alternative source of energy for the whole of the stations needs.

Initially the trial will be aimed at providing all of the RNLI’s needs through solar energy. The lifeboats will be equipped with ultra light weight flexible solar panel sails, giving the dual advantage of charging on the fly and then when the energy runs out the crew will be able to use the flexible panels to sail the boat.
The radios and other portable devices on the lifeboat will be powered from rechargeable battery packs. Volunteer crew will be provided with mini rucksacks with the same ultra light flexible panels as the sails. All the crew will be able to charge their own battery pack through out the day ensuring the have sufficient battery power when needed for a shout. Future development included an EMF charging network, similar to the 3G or Wi-Fi network where crew will be able to charge batteries remotely.

The lifeboat station roof will be equipped with standard solar panels. They will provide all the necessary energy requirements within the station, replacing the need for mains electricity supply. The station operations manger will be able to divert the power as necessary to priority equipment. more. April 2011

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