Newquay to avoid further snow but cold weather to continue

After the excitement caused by the Snow earlier we have been left with a cold but fairly dry night.

Looking at the forecast for the next five days it certainly doesn’t look likely that we will snowed in any time soon!

We have a few days of cold weather with Sunday night being particularly cold with lows of -3 but apart from light sleet on Tuesday there are no weather warnings.

Cornwall Council have put information on their website after today’s snow around the county, for information on what to do in the event of serious ice or Snow they have an information section here.

Also for those of us with children at school there is every child’s favourite page, the school closures page that can be found here, it is always worth checking with your particular school first though or listening to local radio stations, Pirate FM are usually very up to date with closure information.

The final useful website in times of bad weather is the Highways Agency site which lists driving conditions and major disruptions as well as tips on driving techniques and safety precautions, this can all be found here

** Archived November 2010 **

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