Are There any Private Beaches in Newquay?

It’s not often that you have to worry about whether a beach is a private beach or a public beach, most of the time private beaches in Newquay are running as businesses and so they welcome the public. Newquay has a mix of few private beaches and mostly public beaches – all of which are accessible by the public.  Lusty Glaze Private Beach Newquay

Private beaches will often have organised activities on them, which might be ticket events, or even weddings or other events where some areas are restricted access.  In the main, this will happen so infrequently you may never see these events and will simply wander onto the beach, enjoy your day, and not even notice/know/care it’s a private beach or not.

Most of the beaches in Newquay are public beaches.  There will still be rules, as there would be for any beach, but these won’t be rules you didn’t expect.  Dogs, alcohol and bonfires are the usual issues to be aware of.

The main difference will be that private beaches can make up their own rules and prohibit some activities from occurring, or impose restrictions.

So, as a rule, it’s not something you need to worry about – if you can see sand, head for it.

Private Beaches in Newquay:

  • Watergate Beach is owned by the Watergate Bay Hotel. Watergate Hotel provide a lot of activities on the beach and all businesses and activities on the beach are under the terms of the Hotel. As a member of the public you’d not notice it’s private as you do have full access to the beach. However, notice signs, markings and notices indicating that some areas are to be kept clear for some specific activities and note whether you have to stay inside or outside of any specific areas which might be marked off for your own safety – e.g. the areas directly underneath kites.
  • Lusty Glaze Beach is privately owned. They run many water activities from the beach area, such as jetski tours, the banana boat and surfing lessons.  Lusty Glaze is also a venue for some small music events and weddings.  There is holiday accommodation on site and beach huts for hire.  There’s also food for sale and a bar.
  • Tolcarne Beach, Newquay is privately owned.  They have on-site accommodation and beach huts for hire, there are two food outlets on the beach and a small beach shop.  There are also beach activities such as surfing lessons and equipment hire.  At night there is a security patrol and no bonfires are allowed on the beach.

Can you Hire a Private Beach?

To hire a private beach in Newquay you’ll need to contact the owners of the private beaches.  Most of them will be happy to talk to you about how much space you need, what it’s for and when.  You might want to hire a beach for a private wedding, or maybe a team building exercise or special family party – and the privately owned beaches in Newquay will be open to having the discussion with you and letting you know if their beach is suitable and available.

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