Showcasing Newquay Designers on Etsy

Last year I ran a mini series to showcase five Newquay designers who use the Etsy marketplace to sell their goods across the world.  Etsy Sellers Newquay Etsy

Etsy is probably the largest international marketplace enabling designers and creators to promote their handmade goods easily around the world.

Running from April to August 2015, it was easy to find five great Etsy shops – and I’ll be doing the same again this year! 

The Newquay designers selected in 2015 were:

  • AprilKataHeizerDesign Handmade cushions, stuffed toys and dolls
  • MayHSDesignsCornwall Seaside nostalgia items using driftwood and reclaimed materials. All Unique and handmade in Cornwall.
  • JuneSpellboundbythesea Sea and Surf related art & crafts
  • JulyRockSteadyCases iPhone cases and passport holders
  • AugustLottieandLysh Unique & Funky Handmade Clothing for Children & Babies

Now, I shouldn’t ever express a preference – it’s all down to your own lifestyle, needs, friendship circles and what catches your eye!  But if I personally had to pick one item from those shops that I “simply HAVE to own”, it’s the Mr Fox cushion at Kata Heizer Design’s shop.  He’s so cute!

But, as I said, I can’t express a personal opinion – they’re all great – and doing a great job of building the local economy of Newquay!  So go on, check them out today and find a space in your home for something great, something local, something handmade, or simply something practical but cheery!

You can look forward to five more Newquay designers and sellers being posted here in the coming months!

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