Surfing, A Beginners Guide: Alf Alderson

Surfing, A Beginners’ Guide, by Alf Alderson: Catch your first wave this weekend.

Alf Alderson, is a seasoned surfer and award-winning journalist. With the help of this well written book, you’re taken through all the essential steps to learn to surf quickly. Learn where and when to surf and how to surf safely.

Discover the cornerstone techniques of surfing, such as choosing the correct equipment and pre-surf preparation, including getting fit with tips and advice.

Get to know your first surfer steps on the beach and in the ocean – all leading you up to the point of catching your first wave and hopefully catching the surfing bug.

This stunning new edition features the talents of rising surfing star Flynn Novak and one of the world’s top surf photographers, Sean Davey, Their combined efforts result in some breathtaking shots and mind blowing surfing sequences in Hawaii.

Surfing Beginners Guide, Alf Alderson, 0470516542

Contents include: First Steps, Into the Surf, Surf Manoeuvres, Safe Surfing, Waves and Weather, Surfboard Design, Care and Repair, Green Seas, Surf the World, list of Surfing Associations, SurfSpeak

The perfect book for somebody just starting out surfing, who wants to hit the water paddling and not looking like a duck! Or the casual observer who wants to mingle on the beach and know what’s going on! It also looks cool on your bookshelf.

ISBN: 0470516542

British Surfing Association, International Surfing Centre, Fistral Beach, Newquay, TR7 1PH.

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