Discover Treasures Hidden Under the Sand!

Metal detecting is a great way to discover hidden treasure under the sand.  There could be lots of treasure hidden under the sand you walk over every day!  It could be secret Pirate treasure or the small coins dropped by holidaymakers just last month.Metal Detecting Newquay Cornwall Beaches

But, if you want to use a metal detector on the beaches of Cornwall then you will need to contact the Duchy of Cornwall office first.  They have considered issuing a license to metal detect on the beaches of Cornwall, with prices of £60-120 being bandied about – but the Duchy backed off when this caused a backlash in the press.

At the time of writing there is no charge, there is no license needed, but you do need to phone the Duchy of Cornwall office to check that what you’re wanting to do is going to be OK with them.  You will need to be a member of a recognised metal detecting group too. But don’t let that put you off!  This restriction means your “competition” for good finds is significantly reduced! 🙂

Metal detecting on beaches is a great fun outdoors activity that can give a purpose to random strolls on beaches and headlands during the off-season months.  It’s exercise without realising you’re exercising!  It’s worthwhile investigating the proper procedures and doing things properly.

Be Aware of the Tide Times

Don’t ever take risks, don’t get cut off by the tide.  Just make sure you’re aware of the tide times on the beach you’re visiting – and make sure you always maintain a “line of sight” to your escape route.

What Do You Need for Metal Detecting?

You’ll need some digging equipment – a small garden trowel and an old kitchen knife’s good enough to get started.

You’ll also want something to carry your finds away with you – so take plenty of ziplock bags and carrier bags!

Wet wipes might be good too, to wipe your hands with before you open your sandwiches 🙂

Clearly you need a metal detector!  There are discrete metal detectors on the market these days too. If you’re by the sea then probably a waterproof metal detector is the best bet, it certainly makes sense!



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