Watergate Bay Tragedy 22 August 1937

On Sunday 22 August 1937 Joseph Arthur Nicklin, aged 14, and his sister Ena Nicklin, who lived at 15 Tullanes Road, Coventry, were enjoying a holiday, staying with their uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Blake, at Trewince Farm, St Columb Minor. Red flag RNLI

Joseph and Ena were bathing at Watergate Bay about two hours after low water. Neither of the siblings could swim and they got into difficulties. Luckily for Ena Nicklin, another visitor to the beach that day was Bernard George Horsford, who had been swimming with his wife, when Bernard noticed the brother and sister in trouble and went to their rescue.

Ena Nicklin was saved, but her brother Joseph had disappeared and drowned. Joseph’s body was not recovered until Wednesday, three days later, at the same spot where he’d disappeared.

Bernard Horsford, of 31 Bay View Terrace, Penzance, was a 29 year old deck officer/second officer on the SS Satellite.  In December 1937 Bernard Horsford was presented by the Mayor with the Royal Society’s vellum award for the gallant rescue.

Ena Nicklin and Joseph Nicklin were children of Arthur J Nicklin (born 1900) and Alice Nicklin (born 1898) (nee Tallack).

Three further lives were lost along the coast that week: Newquay Drownings August 1937

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