X Factor 2015 Auditions, Newquay

X Factor 2015 are holding auditions in Newquay for the next big star as part of the biggest ever The X Factor Audition Tour. Specific dates are still to be announced. X Factor 2015 Apply

As in previous years, Newquay auditions for the X Factor are part of the Mobile Auditions tour, where you are auditioned on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to turn up early to grab a slot. You are not guaranteed an audition – it all depends how long the queue is.

All you do is turn up on the date and at the time specified. You do not have to register for a Mobile Audition. If you impress The X Factor team with your vocals, you will then be in with a chance of auditioning in front of The X Factor Judges, when the Judges’ Auditions take place in summer.

List of X Factor Mobile Auditions Venues:

Mobile auditions will be held in Aberystwyth, Brecon, Belfast, Bournemouth, Southampton, Isle of Man, Swansea, Isle of Wight, Blackpool, Bristol, Brighton, Newquay, Blackburn, Margate, Wigan, Plymouth, Stoke, Dagenham and Exeter.

So if you can’t make, or you miss, the Newquay auditions then your next few nearest venues will be Plymouth and Exeter.

Apply for X Factor 2015

To apply for the X Factor 2015, check out the website at: ITV X Factor. With the Newquay venue being a mobile audition, there is no need to register, so you won’t miss the deadline at all.

Image © ITV

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