Time of Eclipse Cornwall 2015

Don’t forget to set your alarm clock for the time of the eclipse in Cornwall, wherever you are. The time is a little different everywhere as the eclipse time follows the shadow made by the moon.

But, you need to know when it’s imminent, so you’re ready at the right time.

There are three parts to the time of the eclipse:  Time of Eclipse Cornwall 2015

  • Start time – when the moon first starts to cross the sun
  • Maximum darkness time – when the moon’s in the middle of the sun
  • End time – when the moon has left the sun.

For Newquay and most of central Cornwall, give or take a minute or so, depending where you are, these times will be:

  • Eclipse Start: 08.19
  • Maximum Darkness: 09.24
  • End of Eclipse: 10.33

Across the whole of Cornwall, there’s only about 4 minutes’ difference in start/ending times – so the time will be “about 9.20am” wherever you are in Cornwall.  Penzance and Land’s End are about 2 minutes before Newquay – and the Cornwall/Devon border is about 1-2 minutes afterwards.

So get comfortable and organised in time, but not so far ahead of time you miss it as you popped inside for a biscuit at the crucial moment!

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