Chinese Lantern Fires

Chinese lantern fires: The following fires were recorded by Cornwall Fire & Rescue as being due to Chinese lanterns across the county:

Chinese Lanterns Sky Lanterns

  • September 2008: A Chinese lantern landed on a marquee roof and set fire to it.
  • August 2009: Fire caused by Chinese lantern landing on conservatory roof.
  • August 2009: Grass fire started by Chinese lantern.
  • September 2009: Police called to a campsite when Chinese lanterns were set off.
  • May 2010: Tree in house garden caught fire when a Chinese lantern landed in it.
  • June 2010: Fire caused by Chinese lantern.
  • June 2010: Fire caused by Chinese lantern.
  • August 2010: Chinese lantern on campsite caught on electrical wires and on fire above tents.
  • August 2010: Tree set alight by Chinese lantern.  Fire brigade advised police there were more lanterns landing on properties close by. Newquay Firefighters have urged safety when setting off Chinese lanterns after eight confifer trees were set ablaze in the front garden of a family Home at Treloggan.
  • September 2010: Fire caused by Chinese lanterns.
  • December 2010: Fire caused by Chinese lantern landing on house roof.
  • January 2011: Chinese lantern caught in tree behind a car repair garage.
  • November 2011: Chinese lantern landed in a tree and still alight.
  • January 2012: Chinese lantern landed on plastic garden shed roof, causing fire in the shed; it would have spread to the house if not spotted: Link

Figures last updated: January 2012

In November 2015 Cornwall Council backed a proposal to ban the launching of Chinese Lanterns from their land.  Event organisers will see this advice on the Cornwall County website:

Releasing Balloons and Lanterns
The launch of lanterns or balloons shall not take place on Cornwall Council owned/managed land (including leased land). This includes all airborne launched lanterns, latex balloons and similar free-floating devices that are not under control once launched, any such device containing a naked flame, fuel cell, helium gas or similar elevation mechanism and includes any item described as biodegradable.

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