Newquay, Cornwall Postcards

The whole world loves postcards – and I had such a great collection until I moved house about 15 years ago and foolishly turfed out the whole box. My Newquay postcards were collected during the early 1970s, those great days when I first visited the area and had a bit of pocketmoney to spend. I always came home with some great postcards from everywhere I visited, not just Cornwall postcards, but from other holidays and days out too.

I’m now an avid postcard collector, always looking for the postcards I lost all those years ago. One of the best sources of Newquay postcards and Cornwall postcards I know of is ebay, I can literally spot a postcard, click and it’s on its way to me! Great for those times when I simply don’t have the time to go trawling through all the old collectibles shops around the county. Here are some current Newquay postcards for sale:

[wordbay]newquay cornwall post card[/wordbay]

[wordbay]newquay cornwall postcard[/wordbay]
I love comparing the views of yesteryear with today! So much of the scenery can still be seen today, with key buildings still standing.

I find it fascinating.

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