Calls for Ban on Chinese Lanterns

Who calls for a ban on Chinese lanterns? During the summer months many organisations call for a ban on Chinese lanterns to be discussed, as a direct result of the problems they cause by setting fires, causing 999 callouts and being a danger to aircraft and animals.

Organisations backing a ban on Chinese lanterns or voicing concerns have been:

  • February 2011: Civil Aviation Authority say Sky lanterns can be ingested into the engines of airborne aircraft. More.
  • November 2012, Women’s Food & Farming Union (WFU): as they create a risk of fire damage and danger to livestock. More
  • January 2012: Marine Conservation Society, to stop damage to the environment and harm to wildlife. More
  • August 2012: Civil Aviation Authority said Donegal airport had to be closed down when a Chinese lantern landed near thousands of gallons of aviation fuel which could have caused an  inferno. More.
  • May 2013: Michael Eavis, Glastonbury Festival, as they can cause fires and harm livestock. More
  • Undated: Country, Land and Business Association (CLA), for the threat of fire to land, property, people, livestock and pets More
  • July 2013, Poundland withdraws Chinese Lanterns from sale.

Individuals Wanting a Ban

  • December 2009: A farmer whose cow was killed by a Chinese lantern when she suffocated after eating the wire and paper remnants. More
  • September 2011: A cat owner, who had a Chinese lantern land on her cat. More

Fires caused by Chinese lanterns in Cornwall

A list of some fires in Cornwall that were caused by Chinese lanterns can be viewed here: More

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