Doc Martin Auditions Over

The Doc Martin auditions are over and the results in the bag.  Last weekend the Doc Martin auditions were held for the 2015 filming of the TV series, based at Port Isaac in Cornwall – and this time they were also seeking a baby to play the son of Doc Martin. Doc Martin Clunes Filming

Adults’ castings were held on Saturday and baby castings were held on the Sunday.

This turned out to be a much larger event than the production company expected, with a crowd of 800 adults waiting for the doors to open on Saturday morning for the auditions and 150 babies being washed and scrubbed up and presented on the Sunday. For the role of Doc Martin’s baby son they’ll use about six babies.

The extras casting co-ordinator was Liskeard-based Debbie Burdon, sourcing Cornish extras for productions.

Filming for Doc Martin starts on Monday 23 March 2015.

Image Wikimedia/CC3 license

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