Newquay Residents’ Associations

Newquay Residents Associations Cornwall

There are at least six Newquay Residents’ Associations, depending on which part of the town, or area, you live in.

The main Newquay Residents’ Association covers the whole town, while there are separate groups in two estates in town, Treloggan and Mayfield.  The Pentire area operates its own, additional, Residents’ Association.  Further afield, Porth and St Columb Minor Residents’ Associations operate within their own localised communities.

Newquay Residents’ Association

The Newquay Residents’ Association covers the main Newquay town and issues, especially relating to nighttime economy activities and the good name of the town.

Annual membership fee: £2/household

Website: Newquay Town Residents’ Association

Pentire Residents’ Association:

The Pentire Residents’ Association meets bi-monthly at the Pentire Hotel, Newquay. A member of the local Newquay police always attends the meeting to answer any questions.

The Pentire Residents’ Association is an information group regarding the area of Pentire in Newquay Cornwall. It is open to all Pentire residents. They also hold occasional talks and an annual Christmas Meal.

Annual membership fee: ~£2 per household.


  • Mayfield Residents’ Association:

Mayfield Residents’ Association are helping to build a better community, by helping each other to solve problems that might arise and to hold community events, so come along and join us and help us do more.

Facebook Page: Mayfield Estate, Newquay, Residents’ Association

  • St Columb Minor Residents’ Association:

St Columb Minor Residents’ Association was formed on September 23rd 2009 at a meeting called by the Neighbourhood Policing Team at Newquay Police Station.

St Columb Minor Residents’ Association is represented on the following committees: Newquay Safe; Community Network; Town Framework; The Neighbourhood Agreement; Parish Plan, Steering Group; Residents (Chairpersons) Monthly Meetings in the Council Chambers; The Neighbourhood Agreement.

Facebook Page: St Columb Minor Newquay Residents’ Association

  • Porth Residents’ Association:

The residents’ association for people living in Porth, Newquay.

Facebook Page: Porth Newquay Residents’ Association

  • Treloggan Residents’ Association:

The Treloggan Residents’ Association meet at Bishops School, Newquay, at 7.30pm – the meetings are monthly and are to discuss any concerns and issues that local residents have including area improvements.  A member of the local neighbourhood policing team will also be at each meeting.

Facebook PageTreloggan Newquay Residents’ Association


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